Its Always Summer in Haddath Cove

Come enjoy what Haddath Cove has to offer. Love, tranquil, peace, serenity, and friendhsips.

You can’t help but love Haddath Cove. The environment is just so peaceful and tranquil, I can’t find no other place like it.

I have taken some photograaphs to show what I have done since moving.

Here is the first picture of the rez point of Haddath Cove. On the floating dock is where you will find the radio with many different music streams to coose from, a seating area for chilling, dancing, talking, or just romancing, and the boating area, where you can take a nice boat ride or get on that floaty. The boat and floaty will either scan rez or rez on touch. Or you can just sit and enjoy the sounds of the waterfall.

Haddath Cove_001hc_013hc_012hc_016

Along the water here you will find what I like to call the tunnel of LOVE. It is absolutely an amazing view. Here you can take the boat ride through and enjoy the romantic small dock for two overlooking the waterfalls.


Follow the path that leads you to all of Haddath Cove.


Come and enjoy some loving time on the romantic boat just in front by the lovers arch.


There is a secret hidden hammock just above the rock. I guess its not a secret anymore.


And now for the lovely homes in Haddath Cove. Each one is placed with my renter in mind. They ask, and I give. Each one is personalized to their liking.


Then last but not least my main store. NatiLee, along with Petit chat’s, Tshirts by E2, and Punkie Goddess.

I wanted something open, and I found a gorgeous tiki style build.


My team – Petit Chat’s, Tshirts by E2 and Punkie Goddess


I hope you enjoyed all the pictures I’ve shared of Haddath Cove. Be sure to take the link to visit us here. I will be waiting.