My First Day Without Facebook

I’m addicted. I miss my social network. I keep looking at my FB app but won’t go in it. This bites. I’m dying. But the challenge is for myself. So I must continue. 

5 days left. See ya soon!

In the meantime. Here is a picture of the Bay, taken on March 1st. What a site. 

Facebook Challenge!

I have been challanged to give up something that I love for 7 days. I will give up facebook. I just started and find myself looking at my cell phone trying to take a sneak peak. If I peak, thats ok. As long as I continue my challenge.

Bye Facebook. See you in one week. :(

The Glitch

This picture I will call the drowing

A glitch of me trying to ride my bike while falling into the waters of Haddath Cove

Because I still haven’t mastered the art of riding a bicyle.

So I drowned on my back while still mounted onto my bicycle. Oh the things I do when I am bored.

Who drown in sl? Meee!!

Who drowns in sl? Meee!!